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Andy Djati Utomo

Indonesia / 印尼

精通各种花艺设计形式,包括欧洲花艺、现代花艺设计、商业花艺设计和日本插花艺术。凭借新颖创新的设计,其作品分别刊登于比利时《Internantional Annual Floral Art 》06/07年刊、英国知名刊物《Fusion Flowers Magazine》以及韩国《Leaf》花艺杂志。

其在花艺行业成绩斐然,荣获了2008年新加坡花园节的设计银奖、比利时International Floral Art 08-09年度大赛铜奖,并于2011年和2012年被英国《Fusion Flowers》杂志授予“综合花艺设计师-Fusion Flowers International Designer”称号。

  • 现任印尼花艺协会(IPBI)主席
  • 美国花艺设计师学会(AIFD)成员
  • 世界花卉协会(WFC)成员
  • 日本国际花道协会(Ikebana International)雅加达分会成员
  • 新加坡设计师协会(FDSS)成员
  • 印度尼西亚花卉协会(Asbindo)成员
  • 印尼池坊花道学会(Perhimpunan Ikebana Ikenobo Indonesia - PIII)成员

Andy Djati Utomo was born on January 15, 1977 in Semarang, Indonesia. Since teenager, he already knew what he wanted to become, namely a floral designer. After completed his formal education as Interior Designer, he learned more seriously in floral art and traveled to some countries to educate himself.

Andy Djati Utomo has been in the floral industries for over 17 years. In 1997, in the age of 20, he already won Indonesian national floral arranging competition. As a young floral designer, now he is a leading floral designer in Indonesia.

Throughout his distinguished career in the industry, he joined several exhibitions, also conducted demonstrations for the amateurs as well as the professionals and these has taken him to major cities in Indonesia and some countries like Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, and Korea. He has traveled extensively for major floral events as demonstrator, lecturer, exhibitor, judge and designer. He also represented Indonesia in some International Floral event like Floral Star in Macau in 2005, and 1st Asian Floral Designers Union in Korea, 2006,  Singapore Garden Festival in 2008, and Putrajaya Flower and Garden show in Malaysia 2010.

Andy is well versed in a variety of floral art design forms including European Floral Art, Modern Floral Design, Commercial Floral Design and Ikebana Floral Art. His unique and creative designs have been featured in International Florist publications, such as International Annual Floral Art 06/07 (Belgium Publishing), Fusion Flowers Magazine (Scotland-United Kingdom), Fleur Creatif and Today Floral Magazine (Korea).

Andy is a member and part of the committees of some local and International Floral Organizations like:
  • President of Indonesian Flower Arranger Association from 2008 to 2012
  • Accredited member of American Institute of Floral Designers
  • Secretary of International affair of Ikebana International chapter 224 Jakarta
  • Member of World Flower Council
  • Member Floral Designers Society of Singapore
  • Committee member of Indonesian Flower Association
  • Committee member of Ikebana Ikenobo Society of Indonesia

Since 2000, he has been active in giving floral lectures to his student in many different floral design school. As an instructor in floral design, Andy is very pleased to see students complete the course and master the art of floral design. He received certificates from the ministry of national education as Master Examinator in National Floral design examination.

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