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Timo Bolte

Germany / 德国
Timo Bolte是一位在伦敦生活和工作的德国花艺师,从事花艺活动策划行业。他从孩童时代就着迷于各种植物并有着强烈的兴趣,因此长大后远走他国进修学习花艺。



Timo Bolte is a highly talented German florist living and working in London. He has won legions of awards including a Special award in Japan for artistry; Gold in the Marriott Black Box competition;

Timo was the chief florist at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Vienna over 4years. and now works in the Event Business in London and operating worldwide. For three years he worked for Gregor Lersch in Germany and is a volunteer in various environmental projects in the Botanical Garden in Tuebingen in Germany. Even as a child he was fascinated to learn as much as he could about plants and this became such an intense interest that he travelled to the Far East to learn more.

Timo Bolte uses flowers to transform mood and create ambience. With big budgets to spend on flowers, he creates installations that rival any museum exhibition. Known as the event florist for a reason: stubborn and determined, he is unwilling to compromise when it comes to artistic integrity. Travelling all over the globe to design the most lavish events.

He has garnered worldwide acclaim for his artistic displays and collaborations with top design houses like Fendi and Chanel. Bold yet simple, with a unique twist on shape and colour, his floral creations have won the hearts of guests, celebrities, critics and even royalty, and put him on the map as an international tastemaker.

This highly talented young designer has taught and demonstrated in Europe, Russia, Taiwan, China and Japan and is fluent in German, English AND Japanese!! Currently Timo enjoys producing catwalk style designs but his range is huge. His cheeky smile belies his dedication – he is a dedicated and hard-working florist that is, without doubt, destined for great things.

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