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Tobias Alexander Niefenecker

Germany / 德国
我的名字叫Tobias Niefenecker, 我来自德国,我从16岁开始在慕尼黑学习花艺,期间参加过很多比赛,并且获得奖项。

My name is Tobias Niefenecker and I’m 22 years old. I’m from Germany and I live in Munich, where I started my apprenticeship in floristry in 2013. During my apprenticeship l did some competitions. After finishing my apprenticeship in the company „florali“, I started to work in a flower shop „Flor &Decor“ in the center of Munich. In those two years I did a lot of events and hotel decorations. Also I did some workshops and demonstrations. Now I’m studying at state-aided school of floral art in Weihenstephan, to become my bachelor of floral art. After school I want to open my own shop.

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