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Premysl Hytych

Czech / 捷克


Přemysl Hytych was born in a small Czech village Měnín and has been professionally interested in floristry since mid-nineties when he started to build up his career to become the top florist he is today.
He has always been fascinated by the creative force of nature, its diversity, shapes and colours. His artwork is affected by his birthplace and country. He uses structure, nature, variety of plants and individual elements of the region into his works.
Přemysl’s artwork is an expression of purity, which he achieves with perfectly balanced compositions, deep sense of detail and variety of colours and materials. As Přemysl draws from his train of thoughts, his works are characterized by considerable originality. Přemysl provokes with this originality and that is one of the reasons he is acclaimed internationally. His floristic artworks were awarded prizes in many national and international competitions.

The most important achievement Přemysl got recently:

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