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Andy Au A.I.F.D. 区锦华

HongKong, China / 中国香港



World Flower Council (Hong Kong Chapter) CONSULTANT
World Orchid Council (Hong Kong Chapter) CHAIRMAN
Hong Kong Fresh Flower Retailers Association CHIEF DESIGNER
Interflora Pacific Unit Limited MEMBER

Hong Kong most creative floral designer, unique style works often engages and structures with metals, rocks into floral design and displays, to have enter deeply impact on people who love arts and crafts. Bronze is one of the world oldest alloys, bronze vessels and sculptures have been produced in ancient Greeks, by the time over 4 thousand years. 20 years ago I found Japan style floral arrangements, some of them showing to used metal and bronze as or structures, Then I started to learn how to make bronze, iron andbrass products and any kind objects, flowers, pots, masks…, by practice technique of smelting, welding, chasing, hammering different of ways. Years later, I invited by a Japanese restaurant to make a renewal floral project, I had designed many bronze decorative pots, structures combination with botanical designs, high recommend and pleasures received at that time. Numbers of organization desiring seek for unique character of floral art performance, products and demonstrations, up surge from 2015 invited by WFC(HK), WFC(Guangzhou), Sanya China, a whole bunches brass and zinc designs, elaborate such as roses, peony, iris, anthrium, lotus, ornamental bronze floral structures for plants and flower arranging are most welcome in shows, part or my hammering collections, their timeless beauty and durability can still be admire.

2018 - Represent Hong Kong World Flower Council on stage performance of WFC submit in Australia

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