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Su Lisi 苏丽思

China / 中国

Professional Floral Designer
Installation Designer
Lizzie is a well-known international floral designer, instructor and decoration designer. She has over 30 years of experience in the floral industry and has won many different awards over the years. With her love of nature, her works is inspired by nature & the universe and display elegance as well as harmony embedded with philosophical thoughts.
A lover of nature since childhood, Su Li Si spends her leisure time hiking a roaming in the countryside, where she finds her inspiration from the great outdoors. Her works reflect her principles in philosophy and the  relationship between nature and the universe.
Su thinks that the art of flower arrangement enables culture to have a primitive encounter with the cosmos. She is full of passion whenever she talks about her profession and waxes lyrical about the mountains, sea, forests, and all the splendours of nature. She believes that flower arranging enhances the quality of life.

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